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2016 Associations Forum National Conference

Thank you for attending the 2016 Associations Forum National Conference. Please note that only those presentations that were given with permission to publish on our website are shown. Learning Labs 5D: Membership Engagement for NFPs Lowell Aplebaum

2017 Membership Summit Presentations

Putting the 'Me' in Membership - David Hallett Growing Your Membership - Jill Brookfield Taking Members on a Digital Transformation Journey - Tony Gleeson

2019 Association Events Summit

Thank you for attending the 2019 Association Events Summit. Please note that only those presentations that were given with permission to publish on our website are shown. The Future of Meetings and Events - An International Research Project Developing…

2017 Associations Forum National Conference Presentations

Thank you for attending the 2017 Associations Forum National Conference. Please note that only those presentations that were given with permission to publish on our website are shown. An Introduction to Associations 2A Engaging Members: The Life Blood of an Association

Leveraging technology to improve performance


By closely tying performance to their IT operations, associations can uncover critical information while determining how to better their performance and deepen their connection with members. Performance management: identify what to measure The first step to improving your association’s performance through the use of technology is to identify what it is you want to improve, and as such, what you should measure. Some associations will want to look at member retention,…

Board Induction Papers

It is expected that all new Board Directors or Associate Directors will undergo an induction process. The induction process will include an initial meeting which can be conducted by any current Director and the CEO. The process will be the same for Directors and Associate Directors.

The Value-Add Audit


While auditing is generally accepted as an integral process in the good governance of an association, the true value an association can gain from its audit is often less understood. The auditor's role is, essentially, to independently verify the accuracy of the association’s financial statements. However, the present competitive environment dictates that boards and governing committees have an obligation to their members to ensure that the audit is more than an external validation of the…

Recovering from financial trouble the FTA Story

Financial Case Studies

A detailed look at how the Finance & Treasury Association (FTA) fell into financial difficulty and the steps it took to stay in business, as described by FTA president Mike Dontschuk. The Finance & Treasury Association (FTA) is an association for professionals working across all aspects of treasury and financial risk management. It is a Company Limited by Guarantee incorporated under Australia’s Corporations Act, and began as the International Treasury Club. In 1982 its…

Simple and effective salary packaging

Salary Packaging

Does your organisation shy away from salary packaging because it “all sounds too hard” or the “administration is a nightmare”? Well read on and discover how simple it can be to offer your employees some really significant tax savings. Many employers opt for the external bureau when offering salary packaging to staff, and this is one way to combat the administrative difficulties. However, it can actually be very easy to run a simple in-house system that generates the best…

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