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Ricegrowers' Association of Australia has appointed new president

Murrami-based rice grower and livestock farmer Peter Herrmann has been named the new president of the Ricegrowers' Association of Australia (RGA).

Mr Herrmann was welcomed into the new role in early September, following former RGA president Rob Massina announcing his intentions to step down earlier this year.

Mr Herrmann, whose family settled in the MIA following world war one, said he was committed to representing the community's interests.

"The challenges in water continue even though it's raining a lot," he said. "It's going to intensify when we try to reconcile government policy to reclaim more water for environmental flows that may have already reached their optimal level, with the volume that's been purchased from the system."

The new RGA president also said he wanted to encourage people to become more environmentally minded.

"People have moved on from the days of trying to see the natural environment and the built environment as distinct and different," he said.

"If anyone can look after land and water in a balanced way then it's the modern generation of farmers.

"Our sustainability on the farm and in the basin as a whole as an industry has transformed in the last 15 years," he continued.

"The effort that went into that transformation needs to be told and it needs to be reflected in public policy, which appreciates that we are part of the environment."

With the world still reeling from inflation and supply chain issues, Mr Herrmann said Australian rice had become increasingly important for overseas markets.

"The world wants our rice," he said.

"This year we'll export rice to California. Our markets in the middle east and Europe are also calling for our rice, and the strong rice price reflects that demand."

Mr Herrmann said during his time as president he wants to ensure all growers feel like they have a voice.

"I'm hearing from growers that they feel they're not heard," he said.

"There's a lot of wisdom in this industry, and to be able to listen to what is offered can help make this a better place."

Taken from The Irragator - 16 September 2022


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