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The merger between the print industry’s big two associations PVCA and TRMC is complete

The merger between the industry’s big two associations PVCA and TRMC is complete, with a new board appointed, which has IVE CEO Matt Aitken as the first president of the new ‘superbody’.

With the widespread support of the industry, the Print & Visual Communication Association of Australia (PVCA) held its first merged board meeting, voting in new officer bearers and preparing the strategy to move forward as a united industry body.

Matt Aitken, CEO, IVE Group was voted in as president of the new entity, with John Georgantzakos, managing director, Spot Press as deputy president. Rodney Frost, CEO of The Lamson Group, is honorary treasurer, with Stuart Fysh, The Label Factory, retaining his role as honorary secretary.

Aitken thanked Walter Kuhn, managing director, Kuhn Corp, former deputy president and acting president since the passing of Peter Clark earlier this year, for his contribution over many years and steering the industry body during the merger and previous two years through Covid.

Kuhn will remain on the board as a board officer with, Simon Carmody, managing director, Spot Productions; Tom Eckersley, managing director, Eckersley Print Group; Kevin Pidgeon, executive chairman, Lithocraft; and Nick Tuit, managing director, Kwik Kopy (Circular Quay and North Sydney) forming the remainder of the board member roles.

The first meeting of the board marks the start of a new era in the print industry, with print businesses now represented by one voice. “Coming together as one board and one industry body now brings opportunity to be forward focused, with a strategy to unite and strengthen the industry’s position, output, and representation” commented Aitken.

Georgantzakos has held honorary roles on the PVCA Board for some time, formerly holding the seat of honorary treasurer, and now accepting the nomination as deputy president. He has led the cost reduction project over the past eighteen months, bringing the PVCA financials into a stronger position. In his role as deputy president, Georgantzakos has a passionate remit to grow the membership, and will work closely with the incoming team, on member engagement programs across the coming months.

Frost has been elected to the role of honorary treasurer, which will see a solid transition through the merger as Frost was the former TRMC treasurer. “We have been working through a rigorous governance and compliance process over the past twelve months to ensure the merger is successful for all our members, I am now excited to get on with the strategy and building new programs and value for members,” commented Frost.

Fysh has held the position as honorary secretary, and will continue working across compliance and member registry projects required for the merger transition.

Ricoh Australia facilitated the day, sponsoring the board meeting and lunch. “We are committed to the industry above and beyond general sponsorship, we want a strong industry body, a united board, and any role Ricoh can play in supporting the industry body achieve more for our industry we are happy to do so,” commented Mark Moro, national sales manager, Ricoh Australia.

With the board now formally elected, and office bearers appointed, the board will meet monthly to develop the strategy and deliverables for members. Key areas of focus identified include association rename and brand, skills and training, industry representation, environment social governance and member engagement and growth.

The Print and Visual Communication Association of Australia (PVCA) is the peak industry body all businesses across the print, packaging, graphic design, and media technology industry in Australia. PVCA works to support and promote an evolving industry, helping members become more profitable and sustainable. The print industry employs 258,000 employees across metropolitan and regional locations, will skilled and unskilled labour workforce. The print industry produces some $18bn worth of product, contributing to the Australian economy across a diverse landscape.

Taken from Print21 - 31 August 2022.

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