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Partner News: Sustainability is on the menu at CENTREPIECE

CENTREPIECE is proud to showcase their food and beverage selection which highlights the work of local producers. Event guests will experience some of Victoria's best culinary experiences, which have been created and curated using a paddock-to-plate philosophy. CENTREPIECE's experts have carefully selected sustainably sourced and premium ingredients from local producers, limiting the 'food miles' associated with your event.

This sustainable approach to the menu is engrained in their operations and considered through every touch point of your event. In 2021, CENTREPIECE achieved LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Certification. LEED-certified buildings are independently verified as being resource and energy-efficient, and help contribute to cleaner, greener and healthier cities.

CENTREPIECE's design features 370 solar panels, rainwater harvesting capabilities and water-efficient fittings throughout the premises, while energy-efficient lighting and double-glazed windows help to reduce CENTREPIECE's carbon footprint. Food waste from the kitchens is organically treated to feed the on-site gardens.

CENTREPIECE's central location also encourages your guests to travel more sustainably. Public transport is nearby and easily accessible, while guests that choose to cycle will have access to ample bicycle parking. With over 1,000 accommodation rooms within 1km of CENTREPIECE, your guests can stay at your chosen hotel or AirBnB, just a short walk away.

The Committee For Melbourne recently held their 2022 Annual Dinner at CENTREPIECE, and it was a chance to demonstrate CENTREPIECE's capacity to create a premium experience with a positive environmental impact. Menus were projected onto tables, reducing paper wastage, while guests could take home the plant-able centrepieces after the event was over. Every aspect of the night was designed with sustainability in mind.

CENTEREPIECE reduces, recycles and collaborates with clients to deliver greener and more sustainable events.

Get in touch today to help contribute to the future of our planet.

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