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Partner News: In Person events are coming back in force

In-Person events are coming back in force, managing venues speakers and sponsors on a budget while keeping your delegates engaged and wanting more is at the heart of any successful event. So how do you manage all of this effectively in a post covid world.

The simple answer is to choose a supplier that understands what’s involved in managing all the intricacies in supporting your delegate journey. From the first communication where you are building up the anticipation of your event through to easily registering delegates and sponsors and exhibitors all with their own specific registration paths. Managing payment, accommodation and travel should be a few simple clicks. Adding an attendee App delivers another element of excitement to your event via gamification, posting on an event social wall or simply communicating via alerts and news. On arrival contactless checking and badge printing in one step with details on the badge to show what sessions they are attending or if they have any dietary requirements all make for a more seamless experience.

EventsAIR has been helping event planners and Associations run successful events for over 30 years and our all-in-one event platform has been design as your event hub for any style of event you can throw at it, whether In-Person, Virtual or Hybrid. Juggling logistics, costs and reputational risk should not be top of mind when you are looking to run your next event, using an all-in-one platform like EventsAIR you can focus on what’s important, your customers.

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