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Nicola Grayson steps down as Jonathan Cartledge appointed new CEO from 12th September

Nicola Grayson is leaving Consult Australia on Friday 19 August 2022 after leading the organisation for three years, growing the organisation’s profile and influence and steering the organisation through the uncertainties of the pandemic.

The Board is delighted to announce the appointment of Jonathan Cartledge as the new CEO of Consult Australia commencing on Monday 12 September 2022. Rowenna Walker, President of Consult Australia said, “We congratulate Nicola Grayson for her achievements in the role, she has lifted our profile in the media, driven reform through government, and been a tireless champion for the Consult Australia membership, bringing focus and a clear strategic vision for the organisation. Consult Australia’s enduring ability to serve our members is a credit to her leadership and we wish her well in her next role.

“We are delighted to welcome Jonathan Cartledge, an alumnus of Consult Australia and respected executive leader. Most recently Director of Policy & Research at Infrastructure Australia, Jonathan brings extensive experience across the property and construction sector and a proven record championing culture, driving positive change, and building organisational capability. The Board is looking forward to building on Nicola’s legacy with Jonathan and continuing to grow and strengthen Consult Australia for the benefit of our members and industry.”

Mr Cartledge brings over twenty years’ experience across government, industry, and membership organisations. He worked at Consult Australia as the Head of Policy and Government Relations from 2010 to 2016, before joining the Green Building Council of Australia as Head of Public Affairs & Membership. At Infrastructure Australia he has led a visionary reform agenda in partnership with governments and industry supporting productivity and innovation and a new understanding of market capacity, place, sustainability, and resilience.

Mr Cartledge said that he is excited by the opportunity ahead and grateful to be following the exceptional leadership of Nicola Grayson with the Consult Australia team. “Australia’s consulting firms are critical as we seek to grapple with those most pressing challenges facing our communities. The leadership and success of these organisations, and their longstanding commitment to collaboration and innovation through Consult Australia reflects those values critical to seeing better outcomes for industry, government, and the wider community.”

In the interim, Consult Australia’s Head of Government Relations and Policy, Kristy Eulenstein will be Acting CEO until Mr Cartledge commences on Monday 12 September 2022.


Taken from Consult Australia's Media release, 3 August 2022

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