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AWA celebrates its 60th year in 2022

The Australian Water Association (AWA) is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, in recognition of its founding in June 1962.

“It’s been an incredible 60 years for the Association and for water management as a whole, and I’m look forward to seeing what lies ahead,” said AWA CEO Corinne Cheeseman.

“Water management has dramatically transformed in this country over the past six decades, and AWA has been there for every step of the way.”

AWA was formed as the Australian Water and Wastewater Association, with four initial branches in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia.

The subscription set for an individual member at the time was £4 per annum. By 1963, there were 364 members of the Association, which has continued to grow to over
5000 individual and organisational members today.

AWA grew over the subsequent decades to have branches in every state and territory, as well as an international program dedicated to allowing the Australian water sector to play a
key role in our region.

Since 1993, AWA has run Ozwater, which is today an annual three-day conference and exhibition, the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. Ozwater will be held this year in Brisbane from 10 - 12 May, with the theme “Our Water Journey”, acknowledging AWA’s 60th anniversary year.

“It’s so important to reflect on our water journey and look back on what we have achieved so far and where our future lies,” said Ms Cheeseman. “It is through this reflection that AWA can continue to build and continue to share, connect and inspire as we drive towards a sustainable water future.”

Taken from AWA. 

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