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Partner News: Think Business Events pivots two association showcase events from hybrid to virtual format.

When both the Dietitians Australia Conference and the Australasian Diabetes Congress were initially scheduled for 2021, there was no hesitation to plan these events to be delivered in a hybrid format - offering both in-person and virtual options...

Wishful thinking led to a quiet confidence that in-person delivery would be available to us and other conference organisers Australia-wide for the remainder of 2021 and beyond.

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing restrictions and safety concerns this was not the case and swift decisions were required whereby both events pivoted to purely virtual formats.

With plenty of experience under our belt, here at Think Business Events we felt confident being able to bring these events to life online and at short notice deliver excellent outcomes for our clients and stakeholders.

We’ve analysed these events and created two in-depth case studies. See a snippet of the challenges and solutions below. To read the full versions head over to our blog.


• Short turnaround time
• Keeping Zoom-fatigued delegates engaged across multiple days of online involvement
• Managing a large number of individual speakers and presenters with minimal experience using a  
  digital event platform
• Re-engineering content that was to be delivered in-person


• Contingency plans and preparedness for pivoting
• Offer delegates the opportunity to participate in a fun social event, include friendly reminders
  between sessions to keep delegates engaged
• Deliver timely, simple and supportive technical advice to keynote speakers, chairs and
• Curate robust programmes and ePoster modules, and incorporate interactive elements like live Q&A sessions and a mosaic photo wall.

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