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SSA announces new President

School Sport Australia (SSA) is pleased to announce the appointment of its new President, Gary McSweeney.

Gary is currently a Special Projects Manager in the NSW Catholic Schools Office Armidale, has been a School Principal in four schools over 28 years, senior vice-president of the New South Wales Primary Schools Sports Association from 2010 -2021 and Board member of School Sport Australia in 2019 & 2020. His leadership style advocates for the importance of collaboration and team work and the establishment of a shared common purpose which is contributed to and is agreed upon by all members involved.

As a School Principal he was responsible for, in collaboration with the school leadership team, identifying and addressing gaps between aspirational and the actual foundations of a Professional Learning Community, encouraging collaborative professionalism as a mode of work throughout the school. This experience and expertise will be invaluable in his role as President of School Sport Australia as he works towards bringing together each of the State and Territory member bodies in support and promotion of School Sport Australia.

The National Representative School Sport Committee and SSA Board welcome the appointment of Gary as President of School Sport Australia.

Taken from SSA

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