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Partner News: Technology leaders join Clade Product Advisory Board

Clade is thrilled to announce the launch of its first Product Advisory Board, formed to help accelerate the success of its CAMS membership management platform.

On the Board are distinguished industry leaders, Fabio Bastian, former CIO for Chartered Accountants ANZ and the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and Craig Horton, CIO of The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists.

As founding Advisory Board members, Fabio and Craig will work closely with the team at Clade to help shape the strategic priorities for CAMS.

The CAMS story

Clade began working with associations almost a decade ago, immediately recognising the need for digital innovation across the industry. It was apparent that membership organisations were being critically underserved by the software available to them.

With the development of CAMS, Clade set out to offer a new, highly targeted solution, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, and built to address the specific needs of associations and member organisations.

Entering our next growth phase

“The Product Advisory Board is an important milestone for CAMS,” said Thai Phan, Head of Growth for Clade.

“We thoughtfully curated this board to include respected industry experts, Fabio and Craig, whose collective insight will help drive CAMS forward in the market.”

“We are very fortunate to already have such a high level of experience within our board, ready to help guide our strategic direction as we continue to support our customers in using innovative technology to deliver a better membership experience.”

Advisory Board member Fabio Bastian said “CAMS offers the next generation of membership management technology and I am very pleased to have been asked to be a founding board member. I look forward to working closely with Craig and the team at Clade.”

Building our Advisory Board

With four board seats available, Clade will soon be appointing a further two members.

Thai says, “Our vision is an advisory board made up of a diverse mix of individuals, with varied backgrounds and skills that add valuable insight to support the growth of CAMS.”

If you are interested in joining the CAMS Advisory Board, please email

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