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Partner News: Social Value Accounting Launches its Suite of Social Value Financial Reports

For profit entities and not for profit entities can now plan, measure & report their impact within their standard accounting framework. SVA looks beyond price to understand, measure, and report the social impact and the value created by staff and provided to customers and beneficiaries of products, services and programs delivered.

Software platform, methodology, valuation techniques together with a financial proxy of the outcome are fully integrated and dashboard viewable. A reporting system which records and reports the price of output together with the value of outcomes.

A recording and reporting system which recognises the limits of current management and financial systems and address all the issues. An additional set of reports which includes price and value in a column format together with total value which is underpinned by accepted accounting principles and practices.

Now the reader of the reports can form an opinion at activity/product level and also overall as to whether the organizations belief system is in lock step with its economic system.

Impact Weighted Outcome Policy

Policy notes to the reports include the organisations mission statement, together with the outcomes which have been measured and weighted for importance.

The use of financial proxies allows the reader to quickly understand the organisations proposed impact and actual impact over a particular period.

To find out more about Social Value Accounting’s new product offering please visit the website or email the impact team on

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