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Partner News: Recreating the joys of in-person networking within a virtual event

Recreating the serendipitous meetings that usually occur at a face-to-face event within a virtual conference space is a challenge that the entire industry is currently grappling with. So how do we recreate those moments of social interaction that can end up being the most rewarding component of a conference?

Consider your delegates are attending a conference for not only educational purposes but to mingle with like-minded associates and fervently discuss topics that are not of interest to their usual nearest and dearest.

Embrace this new virtual world with such elements as:

  • Gamification: by integrating an interactive (and fun) process like a game, delegates are kept engaged throughout the day. Consider incentivising with a prize or additional CPD points which create complementary value to the organisation, delegates, and sponsors.
  • Facilitated discussion forums: instead of requiring delegates to initiate their own discussions, recreate the enthusiasm of in-person conversations via chat rooms. Have topics inspired by plenary, sessions, and conference posters, and consider integrating a gamification element to further encourage participation. These should be promoted before and throughout the event.
  • Personalisation: one element of the in-person experience that is left behind is the loss of personality that occurs over an online screen. Allow your delegates to personalise their profiles by adding colours, stickers, and other digital accoutrements. Think of it as the special piece of jewellery or funky tie that might facilitate an in-person interaction.  

Although the thrill of an in-person event will always have its place, there is plenty of innovation to be had in our digital-first world.

Get in touch with Think Business Events today to discuss your next hybrid or virtual conference and find out how to get the best of both worlds.

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