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Partner News: Nexia Australia launches a world-leading wealth management software that will help you take a control of your finances

At Nexia, we care about our clients and facilitating their success. Which is why we are proud to introduce our bespoke platform, Nexia Wealth Connect. A secure smart vault which enables you to access your financial affairs anytime, anywhere, in one location.

Users can control what information they upload, what they share and with whom. In turn, our advisors are able to use their latest information to provide proactive consultation and identify opportunities to maximise their financial position.

Nexia Wealth connect allows you to store important information about yourself, your family or your business securely.

You can track bank transactions, obtain asset valuations, save important documents (property settlements, asset information, wills etc.). It also facilitates the seamless and secure sharing of financial documents. The platform automatically aggregates this information, drawing data from the sources you have provided to give you a complete overview of your financial life in real time.

Through innovation and communication, Nexia Wealth Connect provides our advisors the resources to collaborate with clients in the interest of their success. Additionally, it streamlines the communication process between us and external trusted advisors (accountants, consultants, lawyers etc.), identify gaps in clients’ problems before they become terminal, and keep clients on track with their financial planning.

Nexia Wealth Connect is being used as a tool to strengthen the channels of communication for our clients, and enables us to continue to deliver practical and comprehensive accounting and advisory solutions to individuals and businesses globally.

Our clients have complimentary access to this platform as part of their engagement with us.

If you would like more information on how you can take advantage of this platform, you can contact a Nexia Wealth Connect Representative on or call +61 2 9251 4600.

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