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Partner News: The No. 1 Way to Digitally Transform Your Association

What’s your New Year’s resolution? If improving your team communication, membership data management and association workflow is one of your goals this year, take advantage of our free strategy session to discover how to digitally evolve your association using Kintone!

Your team is crushing it. But is your project management tool? Learn how the right tool can help your team build accessibility, accountability, and efficiency into your workflows in one fell swoop.

When it comes to workflows, Kintone has your back. Within minutes you can create sophisticated workflows with conditional branching criteria using Kintone’s visual drag-and-drop editor. A place to upload, store, edit, and manage your members’ data. Don’t waste time hunting down information (or team members) to consolidate and view your data. No more spreadsheets, no more data lost in Karen’s inbox while she’s out on a two-week vacation. Once you have your workflow, assign tasks to make sure your team gets stuff done in order and on time.

Have a chat with our Kintone consultant to see how streamlining your team’s project management and collaboration so you can focus on getting things done. We’ll cover topics such as:

-The common project management challenges teams face

-The benefits of centralizing your team’s processes and communication on one platform

-How to build out sophisticated custom workflows on Kintone to manage projects and automate the tedious stuff

-Why you need to start thinking of your conversations as data

-How to find value in the process of collaboration as much as the end result

-How to capture these conversations with digital tools that foster transparency and accountability

-How to use the valuable data you already have to better engage with old members and develop an online environment irresistible to new ones. 

Kintone is ideal for association managers and team leaders who want to engage with their members at a new level by streamlining communication and building on the knowledge of all members for better results. 

Setup a free, quick and easy consultation session so we can learn about your association, and get to work improving the way you engage your members.

Sam Thomason
Mobile: 0450 276 455

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