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Beyond Blue offering mental health coaching for small business owners

Running a small business can be highly stressful. Long hours, social isolation, cash flow issues and the competing demands of work and home life can leave around a third of small business owners feeling high levels of mental distress. 

To address the need for mental health support in this cohort, Beyond Blue has launched NewAccess for Small Business Owners (NASBO). NASBO is a free, confidential mental health coaching program designed to support small business owners and help get them back on track.

NASBO uses Low-intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy practices across six sessions to provide practical tools to manage challenges and help people break the cycle of negative and/or unhelpful thoughts.

Below are testimonials from people who have completed the NASBO program:

  • I gained so much from these sessions. [My Coach] Kirsty helped me identify and understand the issues I was facing in a way I had never considered and this new awareness was a huge step forward for me. I was given tools/strategies which I could use straight away. Even though I was asked to go outside of my comfort zone which I found challenging sometimes I was supported and encouraged the whole way through the sessions. It’s a work in progress but this course has been the kick start I needed to make some really positive changes in my life.
  • The New Access program arrived at a time I felt absolutely powerless and was experiencing too many panic attacks due to struggles with our small business. The program has helped me handle/manage and move on from the lowest of lows and highest of high levels of uncertainty and anxiety that added to my depression. It is offered in a supportive, non-judgemental, practical way and structured well to encourage progress and success. Extremely grateful.

For any enquiries or questions, please contact the below:  

Taken From Beyond Blue media release.

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