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Featured: Shock as government authority disendorses training by teachers' association

In early December 2020 NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) shocked teachers’ associations by stating that “Effective immediately, the new Policy replaces the existing Endorsement of Professional Development Providers and Courses Policy and all NESA Registered PD courses are deregistered.”

Peak body Professional Teachers Council NSW (PTC NSW) and its member associations were deeply disappointed by this decision. PTC NSW CEO David Browne said “The quality of the professional learning provided by professional teacher associations (PTAs) across NSW has been devalued and dismissed by this arbitrary decision. The delivery of this new Policy and subsequent deregulation is one of the best examples of how not to manage change, how to isolate and devalue historically sound quality accredited professional learning” said Mr Browne.

“This outrageous decision by NESA to deregister authorised providers will dramatically reduce professional learning opportunities. For decades the professional teacher associations of NSW have been offering quality professional learning that has been created and delivered by teachers and based on teacher and school needs” said Mr Browne.

NESA’s announcement means that only the NSW Department of Education, Catholic Schools NSW and the Catholic Dioceses, and Association of Independent Schools NSW will be accredited and may assess and accredit courses they deliver in the identified priority areas as NESA Accredited PD.

“The Professional Teachers Council requests that NESA and the NSW Minister for Education reconsider the deregulation of our provider status and includes the PTC NSW as one of the Authorised Providers of professional learning in NSW” said Mr Browne.

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