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Partner News: The Association’s Guide to Offsetting Revenue Loss in 2020

“Non-dues” revenue is revenue from any source other than membership fees. Non-dues revenue can help associations smooth out disruptions in the economic cycle, allowing them to maintain budget and continue to provide members with the levels of service they expect. But, how do you bring in more non-dues revenue – especially when economic times are so tough?

Non-dues revenue has long been an important ingredient in any association’s financial health, so we’ve put together a list of the top 5 proven member benefits to boost your associations non-dues revenue starting with the provision of an automated job board.

Job Board Software

Providing access to talent is a valuable way to serve the needs of your industry while driving revenue for your organisation.

You may already have a job board on your website but ask yourself, how does it compare to the features offered by the other sites your members visit when searching for jobs? Is it a rewarding experience that members will return to?

Job boards that have features that are considered valuable by members and employers make more revenue than ones that don’t. You maximise job board revenue when the job board software increases member engagement, provides a rewarding experience to employers and job seekers and has basic features like job matching, personalised search, candidate screening and data reporting/analytics.

Any time your staff spend managing a job board ultimately makes it less profitable so automation and outsourcing the support and sales for the board should be considered.

For more details and other proven member benefits that boost your associations non-dues revenue download the white paper here.

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