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Partner News: Virtual Seoul to host a Round Table for Association Delegates

The Union of International Associations (UIA) takes its annual Round Table Asia-Pacific to virtual this year in partnership with Seoul Tourism Organization. The UIA Round Table Asia-Pacific is the first virtual Round Table where the delegates invited can listen to keynote speeches and panel discussions on various issues and participate in discussions, networking and team-building activities at the virtual map and venues representing Seoul. The N Seoul Tower, Changdeokgung Palace, Seoul Botanic Garden, Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), and Floating Island Convention were selected to proudly show the charms of Seoul to the delegates.

Programs are organised in a way to take on a resemblance to on-site Round Table including all programs from the agenda. Keynote speeches, Database Training session, Workshop Discussion after the Presentations on various topics, and Panel Discussions are on the list for delegates to listen and participate. Considering Round table discussions be more enriched with much engagement from the attendees, the discussions are to be in real-time communications live on a virtual platform which will also be applied for the casual conversations at the virtual lounge area.

Seoul prepared virtual tour videos introducing what made the city a top-class MICE destination which will be available at a virtual Theater. Attendees can choose and watch these videos at their own schedule and preference. Mini-games and surprising events are also available to promote interactions within the attendees and entertaining them at the same time. The delegates who like to find out more about Seoul can visit the virtual Seoul booth for a live chat with STO staff or download the information brochure on PLUS SEOUL support program. An introduction teaser video will be released in early August for more information. Please visit for more details on registration.

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