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Partner News: Digital Transformation of your Association

At its core, digital strategy is a decision-making process that aligns an organization’s vision, goals, opportunities, and activities to maximize the business benefits of digital initiatives. When implemented thoughtfully, a digital strategy will identify priorities, implementation milestones, and progress toward the strategic goals of your association. To build your digital strategy, your organization must look beyond its operational needs by examining how technology will allow your association or nonprofit to become a digital-first, digital-charged, and digital-focused organization.

CIMGlobal is ingrained in the association and nonprofit community, with extensive experience helping our clients develop technology strategies that help them achieve progress. We will provide guidance in building a digital strategy that supports your organizational mission, vision, and goals—and acts a roadmap for your digital future.

Where are you?

Before you begin your digital strategy, you will need to assess your existing technology infrastructure and evaluate your current digital climate, to uncover how those assets fulfill internal and external stakeholder requirements. Your assessment will provide an overview of the technology your organization is currently dependent on and determine if it is assisting your association in achieving your mission and vision. The following questions should be taken into consideration when going through the technical assessment exercise:

  • Does this technology help achieve our organisation’s mission and vision?
  • Do internal or external stakeholders use this technology?
  • How does this technology benefit internal or external stakeholders?
  • Is this technology being used correctly?
  • Are technology resources being used optimally?
  • Does this technology need to be updated?
  • What is the cost / benefit of this technology?
  • Is this technology replicable?

When reviewing your technical assets, consider each one's impact on different areas (or departments) of your organization. For example, cybersecurity will most likely impact every individual within your association.

Your organization focus should include:

  • Member Intelligence
  • Collaboration
  • New Product Exploration
  • Sales & Service Optimization
  • Enterprise Technology Architecture
  • Processes, Innovation, and Governance

Your member focus:

  • Websites
  • Mobile Apps
  • Communities
  • eCommerce
  • Social Media
  • SEO


By this time, you have compiled what feels like endless amounts of data, set goals, reviewed your current technology, established action items, and determined your technical priorities. Finally, you are ready to build your digital roadmap—a timeline to ensure the successful implementation of all identified actions.

CIMGlobal has been helping associations discover the benefits of technology for over 20 years. Our staffs specialize in finding technology solutions that support the mission and vision of your organization. In addition to helping you build and implement your digital strategy, CIMGlobal is a preferred association management partner to several national, international associations.

Our breadth of services and experience allows us to take a unique approach to understanding the specific needs of your association. Contact us today to learn more about how CIMGlobal can help advance your organization’s digital endeavors.

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