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AMA NSW elects new President

The Australian Medical Association NSW (AMA NSW) has elected, uncontested, its third female President, Newtown GP, Dr Danielle McMullen, after she has served as Vice President for the last two years.

“These are challenging times and certainly not the conditions I thought they would be when I first decided to run for President of AMA (NSW)," said Dr McMullen.

“I would like to thank outgoing President, Dr Kean-Seng Lim, for his leadership of the organisation during the COVID-19 pandemic thus far.

“Under my leadership, AMA (NSW) will continue to work in the best interests of doctors and the patients they treat as the situation develops.

“Just like every other president AMA (NSW) has had, I will be working to improve the health system we have by driving positive and meaningful change.

“But it’s impossible to get away from the fact that during its entire existence, I am only the third woman to be elected President.

“The fact I have been also gives me hope that better gender equity will be achieved in medicine going forward and it’s something that I will be actively pursuing during my term.

“While coronavirus is unwelcome, some of the legacies it leaves on our health system don’t have to be.

“The crisis we are currently presented with has provided us with better access to telehealth and accelerated electronic prescribing.

“These are things that provide benefits to both doctors and patients, and I look forward to working with AMA(NSW) and our members to drive system improvements as we emerge from this health crisis.

“I am proud to be leading AMA (NSW) for the next two years, along with my Vice President Dr Andrew Zuschmann."

Taken from AMA NSW media release May 2020.

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