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AITPM appoints inaugural CEO

The Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management (AITPM) has appointed Kirsty Kelly as its inaugural CEO.

Ms Kelly will take on the newly created position bringing with her a strong record of leading and improving organisations at a national level in the non-profit sector, both as a CEO and Company Director.

Ms Kelly’s achievements and contributions during her 23-year career have been extensive. Over 6 years as CEO of the Planning Institute of Australia, Ms Kelly led organisational reform to unify and modernise the organisation which included achievements in membership growth and restructuring, reputation building and collaborative partnerships, improvements in business planning and financial performance, and social media growth.

“The appointment of a CEO remained the last of the key recommendations of AITPM’s 2015 Strategic Review, and follows last year’s registration as a public company limited by guarantee and government by a new Constitution,” said Paul Smith, National President of AITPM.

“The appointment of Ms. Kelly will provide further organisational capacity to modernise, and remain relevant to ensure alignment with members, sponsors/partners and industry."

“Ms Kelly will further improve our professionalism, increase our potential to reach and represent more people in our industry, and strengthen our financial sustainability.”

“A CEO will also free up the Board from daily operational and management tasks to allow a stronger focus on strategic matters, while acknowledging the Institute’s strength is founded on a multitude of volunteers.  It is extremely important that we mobilise resources to efficiently and effectively support our volunteers and promote their valuable contribution and ideas to the benefit of the whole community. Ms Kelly will grow this capability.”

“Transport is an exciting area that is topical all over Australia with significant once in a generation investment and technological change currently underway, so a key priority for me will be meeting the expectations of the AITPM family by delivering high quality and effective services with continued good governance and performance," said Ms Kelly. 

Taken from AITPM media release December 2019

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