Bringing Associations Together To Boost Performance


ADCA and Blockchain Australia merger plans

ADCA and Blockchain Australia have announced a plan to merge the two organisations to create a stronger and consistent voice advocating for the blockchain community in Australia.

Traditionally, ADCA's focus has been on businesses utilising or investigating blockchain technology - from start-ups to SME's and through to corporates - and it has worked with regulators and policy makers to create a positive environment for blockchain-based innovation.

Blockchain Australia has built a strong grassroots network across the wider blockchain community spanning entrepreneurs, developers, investors and many passionate individuals and runs regular MeetUps and policy discussions.

Bringing the two organisations together will allow the whole Australian blockchain community to speak more clearly and consistently to key stakeholders including governments and regulators and will strengthen the connections between all parts of the Australian blockchain ecosytem.

Combining the skills and energy of the members of both organisations will allow us to achieve far more together than through separate efforts.

Although some details remain to be finalised, the Boards of the two organisations are working together to launch the merged entity - to be known as Blockchain Australia - on July 1st.

Taken from Australian Digital Commerce Association News 29 March 2019 

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