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New leadership at AMA NSW

Dr Kean-Seng Lim is the new AMA (NSW) President, following a term as Vice President, and Dr Danielle McMullen is the new AMA (NSW) Vice President.

Both doctors are GPs working in Sydney.

Dr Lim is replacing Prof Brad Frankum as President of the state body, following the expiration of his term and his decision to run as a candidate for Federal AMA President.

“I am looking forward to representing the interests of the wider medical profession in NSW and the challenges that will bring,” Dr Lim said.

“I want to continue the excellent work AMA (NSW) has been doing under Brad’s stewardship, particularly in the areas of equity of access, obesity and overweight prevention, and safe work.

“As a GP, I will also be advocating on issues including prevention of disease and effective co-ordination of primary, secondary, and tertiary care.

“Health is best served by an effective healthcare system, with the overarching objective being to work towards the Quadruple Aim – improved patient experience, improved population health outcomes, efficient total system costs, and improved provider satisfaction,” Dr Lim said.

“I’m very pleased to have Dr Danielle McMullen as my Vice President.

“It has been almost a decade since a GP has led AMA (NSW) as president, so when it rains it pours,” Dr Lim said.

“What drew me to the AMA is the work it does to improve the way the health system works.

“People’s health is immensely important but for the best outcomes we need good systems of communication, we need funding models that work, and a culture in medicine that’s supportive of doctors and their patients,” Dr McMullen said.

Outgoing President, Prof Frankum, says he is confident about the future of AMA (NSW) under the new leadership.

“I’m leaving the organisation in excellent hands and in good shape, with significant growth in our membership of doctors-in-training.

“There is still work to do with integration of care between sectors, and improving working conditions and support for doctors is an ongoing priority issue.

“I’m confident the new leadership team will do an excellent job of advocating for doctors and their patients on these and other issues,” Prof Frankum said.

Taken from Australian Medical Association (NSW) Media Release 16 May 2018

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