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Australian Wine industry amalgamation

In a historic event for the Australian wine industry, members of Australian Vignerons (AV) and Winemakers' Federation of Australia have agreed to amalgamate and form Australian Grape and Wine Incorporated (AGWI). This decision marks a positive turning point for our industry that we can all be proud of.

Bringing wine grape growers and winemakers into one national advocacy body is a win for everyone. Grape growing in Australia has a long history and a prosperous grape growing industry and good viticulture underpins our entire wine industry.

Grape growing is key not just for winemaking, but also cellar doors, our famous wine regions, wine industry suppliers as well as the many tourism and hospitality businesses that greatly benefit from our industry. The benefits of a healthy Australian wine industry flow through the entire business chain.

Australian Grape and Wine Incorporated (AGWI) will work towards providing greater unity and representation of the wine sector as a whole. Our goal will be to focus on the big issues that our industry faces including health, safety and environmental issues, biosecurity, government policy and market access. As a single National advocacy body we will have a stronger united voice on these critical issues.

The AGWI constitution has been put together in a collaborative way with a great deal of consideration for all members. It provides for a governance arrangement that will effectively represent the wide range of businesses that make up the Australian grape and wine industry. 

The official date for the new body is likely to be early in the new year. 

Taken from Australian Vignerons Latest News 27 November 2018 

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