Bringing Associations Together To Boost Performance


Survey on technology relevance

Technology company Clade has undertaken a survey of 55 Australian associations, with memberships ranging from less than 100 to thousands of members, to establish what view associations have of their technology.

The resulting report suggests that associations are lagging behind the business sector when it comes to technology, with a staggering 70% lacking a 360° view of their members and a large percentage still feeling the heavy administrative burden of mostly manual processes. 

“This may be a contributing factor to the declining membership numbers which some associations report and raises the question: What steps can you take to reverse the trend and grow a thriving membership?” says Duncan Journee, Director at Clade.

The Clade report focusses on the concept of personalisation. The ‘age of the customer’ means customers are more discerning, have more access to knowledge, and demand much more from businesses. They want to feel understood and that communications and services are being created with specific relevance to them.

The Clade report, which can be downloaded here, looks at what’s possible and the logical place to get started.

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