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STA elects new Board members

Science & Technology Australia (STA) has elected three new leaders in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to its Board, to represent scientists and technologists working in a range of disciplines.

The newest Board members are:

  • Professor Rebecca Ritchie, Medical and Cognitive Sciences Representative
  • Dr Katherine Daffron, Aquatic Sciences Representative
  • Ms Kylie Ahern, General Representative 

President of Science & Technology Australia, Professor Jim Piper, said the new members of the Board would help STA work towards a stronger and better supported STEM sector. He highlighted their extensive experience in a range of disciplines as being vital to the future of STA and those they represented. 

"STA has worked for more than 30 years to promote the value of science and technology in Australia, and we are energised and excited to welcome these impressive leaders to the STA team," Professor Piper said.

"High quality research in science, technology, engineering and mathematics has the potential to transform the lives of all Australians, as well as provide great benefit to the Australian economy and communities around the world."

Professor Piper said that the Board would work to ensure the more than 68,000 STEM professionals who STA represented enjoyed secure employment and good working conditions to help Australia achieve world leading STEM industry and research.

"We will work to make sure we maintain support for science and technology, and provide for it a strong and stable future in this country," he said.

Taken from Science & Technology Australia (STA) Media Release 3 October 2017


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