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CPA Australia announces new Board

CPA Australia yesterday announced nine new Directors have been elected by the member-appointed Representative Council.

They are: Ric De Santi, Robyn Erskine, Merran Kelsall, Helen Lorigan, Jon Scriven, Rosemary Sinclair, Caroline Spencer, Peter Wilson and Chin Aik Wong. 

Peter Wilson has been elected as the new President and Chairman of the Board of CPA Australia, while Merran Kelsall and Chin Aik Wong have been elected as Deputy Presidents.

Their terms commence 1 October 2017.

Four of the six current directors will complete their terms or retire at the end of September.

To assist with business continuity, current directors Jim Dickson and Sharon Portelli will stay on the refreshed board with the nine new directors until 31 December this year.

Taken from CPA Australia Media Release 28 September 2017

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