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CPA Australia’s CEO Alex Malley sacked

At its meeting on 23 June 2017, the CPA Australia Board terminated CEO Alex Malley's contract.  President and Chairman of CPA Australia, Jim Dickson’s  statement said “At its meeting today, the Board decided to terminate Alex's contract in order to allow CPA Australia, CPA Australia staff and Alex to move forward. In the interests of full disclosure, CPA Australia has made a payment of $4.9 million in accordance with our obligations.”

Chief operating officer Mr Adam Awty, has been appointed as interim CEO. The Board and Mr Awty agreed that his remuneration for this period will remain as per his current role as Chief Operating Officer.

In addition to the call for expressions of interest for directors that closed on 29 May 2017, the CPA Australia Board will shortly be seeking further expressions of interest for casual vacancies that have arisen from resignations mid-term. The Board will be replenished by 1 October 2017, with a minimum of eight new directors.

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