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AMA Secretary General to move on after contract ends in 2018

Federal AMA Secretary General, Anne Trimmer, has decided to pursue a different career direction when her five-year contract with the AMA expires in August 2018.

AMA President, Dr Michael Gannon, said today that Ms Trimmer had provided strong, stable leadership of the AMA Secretariat, which provided a well-informed and strategic platform for the work of the President, the Vice President, the Board, and the Federal Council.

“Anne has maintained the AMA’s reputation as the peak medical advocacy group in the country and one of the most significant and successful lobby groups in Federal politics,” Dr Gannon said.

“The AMA has direct and personal access to the Government, the Parliament, and the bureaucracy from the Prime Minister down.

“Our leading and collaborative role in political and health circles is influential and agenda-setting.

“Anne has been at the helm through the controversial co-payment crisis, the subsequent Medicare freeze debate, the successful Scrap the Cap campaign against reforms to self-education expenses, the AMA’s survey of members to update our position on euthanasia, the AMA’s first ever Health of Asylum Seekers Summit, and the launch of our position on marriage equality.

“At the same time, she drove significant governance reforms for the Association, including establishing the AMA Board, implementing resource-sharing arrangements between the AMA and its subsidiary, the Australasian Medical Publishing Company (AMPCo), and building stronger relationships with the State and Territory AMAs, especially on membership issues.

“She is also the AMA’s representative on the Government’s Private Health Ministerial Advisory Committee (PHMAC).

“Anne has built strong personal and professional relationships with key decision makers in Canberra, which helped drive the AMA’s advocacy and influence in national politics.

“On behalf of the Board and the Federal Council, I thank Anne for her outstanding contribution to the AMA and the health sector, and wish her every success in her future endeavours.”

The AMA Board has commenced a process for a seamless transition to a new Secretary General in 2018.

Taken from Australian Medical Association Limited Media Release 20 November 2017


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