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ADMA restructures to form Australian Alliance for Data Leadership

The Association for Data-driven Marketing & Advertising (ADMA) has announced an organisational restructure that will see all four of its existing associations and education arms operate under a broader business network known as the Australian Alliance for Data Leadership.

Over the past year, ADMA acquired and established three additional associations representing essential aspects – along with marketing – of data-driven business and communications:

  • Digital + Technology Collective – digital and technology
  • Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA) – analytics and data science
  • Data Governance Australia (DGA) – data use and governance

Each association has a common thread – data and the customer – but with a different angle and representing a different business division and professional community. Each also has its own core focus, objectives and member communities that champion their association goals. Under the new network, each association also retains its current Board to ensure full representation of the industry.

ADMA members benefit from the broader network’s reach into every area of business. The new AADL network incorporates over 1,000 Australian companies and 50,000 individuals across the four associations.

As ADMA and its sister associations continue to grow, so does the need to adopt a new structure that aligns the associations with a common thread – but also allows each organisation to have its own strong voice and purpose. This has therefore resulted in the move to have all associations underpinned by the AADL network.

This new structure will put all four associations under a level-playing field and ensures that they can work collaboratively on data-driven issues and extend out to other areas of business. This will also allow the associations to benefit from a shared services model to ensure maximum efficiency and member value.

“The role of data has now extended so it fuels all aspects of business. It is not enough to look at just data and marketing, but instead provide leadership across how data plays a role in business,” says Jodie Sangster, CEO of AADL.

“The new network of associations allows us to do just that. ADMA will continue to go from strength to strength – but this new structure also allows marketers who have a broader business perspective to gain further knowledge, network and support into analytics, digital and data governance. For our three other associations, they are no longer confined by the shackles of marketing but can now expand and grow as a cross business discipline with digital, analytics and governance represented at the broadest levels.”

Current chair of ADMA and CMO of Uber Australia, Steve Brennen, will serve as interim Chairman of AADL. Of the new structure, he says: “We see this as a clear way forward for our members who have told us how critical data is for their business now, and into the future. Data is the key to unlocking the digital economy and our new structure provides the environment – both broad and deep – for our members to be successful.”

The new AADL Board will comprise of the Chair of each of ADMA, IAPA and D+T Collective as well as four new appointees – experienced directors that represent aspects of the broader industry.

Associations Forum provided strategic and governance advice to ADMA regarding its transformation into AADL.

Taken from Association for Data-driven Marketing & Advertising (ADMA) Press Release 24 August 2017

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