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ADAVB appoints new CEO

The Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch (ADAVB), has appointed its new CEO, Clinical Associate Professor Matthew Hopcraft.

Clinical A/Prof Matthew Hopcraft is currently an Oral Health Advisor with Dental Health Services Victoria, Professional and Scientific Relations Consultant with Oral–B, Spokesperson and Co-Founder of SugarFree Smiles and Clinical Associate Professor at the Melbourne Dental School, The University of Melbourne. 

Clinical A/Prof Matthew Hopcraft is a dental public health expert and has over 20 years’ experience in a broad range of fields including administration, teaching, research and clinical practice. 

He commenced his career serving as a dental officer in the Australian Army, before pursuing an academic career, teaching dental public health and general practice dentistry at The University of Melbourne where he was the Director of Clinical Education. He has worked in both public and private dental practices in metropolitan and rural locations, and in a senior administrative position at the Australian Dental Council. 

Clinical A/Prof Matthew Hopcraft served 12 years on the ADAVB Council, including a term as President in 2011/12 and two years on ADA Inc. Federal Council. He commences his tenure as ADAVB CEO on Monday 3 July 2017, following the retirement from the role of current ADAVB CEO, Mr Garry Pearson, the ADA's longest serving Branch CEO.

From ADAVB Blog post 2 May 2017




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