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New CEO for Sport NSW

Sport NSW are pleased to announce the appointment of Darren Simpson as their new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) commencing Monday 30 May 2016.

Current CEO of Sport NSW, Cheryl Battaerd steps down from her role today, after two and half years in the position. Over that time there has been significant growth in funding and corporate investment into the organisation and strengthened collaboration and relations across all levels of Government, with various Government portfolios and the broader sport sector.

Of particular importance has been building the case for sport and for inclusion, diversity and gender equity within the industry. Sport NSW’s support for community sport across the State has broadened with the initiation of the Regional Sport Alliance Strategy which is focussed on improved collaboration, performance and sustainability within the sport sector.

The Board of Sport NSW appoints Simpson, a well-respected and experienced senior sporting executive, having worked in the sport, exercise or recreation industries for 20 years.

He holds a Master of Business Administration in Sports Management and has a track record of achieving significant reforms and initiatives within the peak sporting body environment.

Darren joins Sport NSW from AFL (NSW/ACT) where he was State Manager for Football Operations. Prior to that he was the Chief Operating Officer of Greyhound Racing NSW.

The Board of Sport NSW believe that the experience Darren has gained with peak sporting bodies and holding long-term leadership positions, combined with his hands-on approach with  stakeholder management experience makes him an ideal leader for the organisation aligned with the organisations’ vision for the next five to ten years.

Darren’s multi-level experience with grass roots, corporate and government personnel and navigation of strategy, provides Sport NSW with a skill set very well suited to the business and will make him an ideal CEO.

Sport NSW is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that is the active voice and peak body for sport in NSW. Through its vast membership it represents over 15,000 sporting clubs and associations and 2.5 million participants, workers and volunteers in NSW.

From Sport NSW Media Release 12 May 2016

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