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A new direction for AHRI

The Australian HR Institute has launched a new visual brand and is embarking on a new ground-breaking chapter in the history of the Australian HR profession. 

The new brand is conceived around the idea of a cornerstone, recognising that talented people are the foundation of a successful organisation, and that AHRI is a partner with whom a satisfying and successful HR career can be developed. 

" You'll see that AHRI's new brand looks markedly dissimilar to the previous one. While the blue colouring in the new logo acknowledges AHRI’s history, the emergence of a strong green heralds a bold new spirit; and the distinctive green cornerstone points to the profession’s future direction. You’ll also see that we have chosen to bring the H and R of AHRI together to reflect how HR can bring an organisation’s human resources together to realise the vision and mission of an enterprise," says CEO Lyn Goodear.

The new brand is to be rolled out gradually, so for a while the new and old brand will appear alongside one another. 

This new brand is one of many changes AHRI is making over the coming months. As part of this new chapter, AHRI is informing the market about what good HR looks like, and letting them know know where they can find HR practitioners who are able to be true HR partners to the business. Most notably, HR practitioners whose candidacy for certification has successfully come before the National Certification Council and who are therefore entitled to carry one of two post-nominal letters after their name: CPHR or FCPHR. 



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