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Professor Ian Chubb wins Lifetime Achievement Award

Australia’s Chief Scientist, Professor Ian Chubb, whose presentation for Associations Forum’s Canberra Member Meeting on 23 October now has a waiting list, has won the the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award in the 2015 Australian Financial Review Higher Education Awards.

Prior to his appointment as Australia’s Chief Scientist in April 2011, Professor Chubb was Vice-Chancellor of the Australian National University from January 2001 to February 2011. He was also Vice-Chancellor of Flinders University of South Australia for six years and the Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Monash University for two years.

In selecting Professor Chubb for the award, the judges noted Professor Chubb’s extensive and distinguished contributions to research, university leadership, policymaking and advocacy. With strongly voiced constuctive criticism and persuasive arguments on the benefits of scientific literacy, research and higher education, Professor Chubb has gained a well deserved public profile, allowing him to further our society’s responsibility to support the influential work which universities undertake.

Associations Forum congratulates Professor Chubb on his well deserved award.

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