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New Real Time Analytics App Launched by DoubleDutch

Designed to help event organisers produce more effective, strategic events, DoubleDutch has launched Event Performance, an app that measures delegate engagement and allows delegates to give feedback in Real Time.

"Event Performance is the culmination of a much broader vision," said Lucian Beebe, VP of Product. "All along, we were building an app that was architected from the ground up to give organisers the data they need to transform the way they run events. Most analytics reports generated by app engagement can provide post-event data. We seek to also provide visibility into event performance on the day of the event, so organisers are not in the dark. Event Performance paired with our mobile application is the only way to obtain the real-time data they need to make their events even better."

The app measures app adoption, attendee engagement and enables event organisers to proactively monitor how many attendees have logged into the app, are using the app and send reminder emails to those who have not begun to use Event Performance. Once attendees are using the app, organisers can track the data and content trends and anticipate which sessions are going to be most popular. The app has a news-feed-type stream, which allows delegates to generate in-app content. This content is then sorted into “Top Status Updates”, which shows the most popular conversations within the activity feed.

The activity feed is continually updates throughout the day based in trending articles and statuses, and also enables organisers to troubleshoot in real time. It also helps audiences understand what the most important and interesting sessions are, providing valuable insights for future events. The Engagement Score indicates how many attendees are interacting with the app and means organisers are able to keep track of attendee satisfaction with the built-in sentiment analysis tool.

Event Performance also provides recommendations on how to keep up delegate engagement while the event is happening.

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