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ICCPM and IPMA renew alliance to strengthen project management capability globally

The International Centre for Complex Project Management (ICCPM) and the International Project Management Association (IPMA) have signed a renewal of their alliance agreement. This document will support both organisations in their aim of strengthening the project management profession.

The alliance between ICCPM and IPMA allows the organisations to further each other’s mission and objectives through reciprocal exchanges such as publications, research and events. It also enables a spirit of cooperation for mutual benefit of the organisations and their members.

In practice, the agreement is manifested in the two association’s conferences. The 2015 IPMA Annual Conference is themed “Building Capability in Multicultural Context” and aligns with ICCPM’s 2015 conference theme “Building Capability in Complex Environments.” The two conferences will share knowledge, which will provide lasting benefits for participants and organisations.

Reinhard Wagner, President of IPMA said he was excited about the opportunities this alliance offers to the profession. “Our research clearly indicates that project and program managers are faced with an increasing complexity,” he said.

“Products, such as passenger cars or aircrafts, are created with multiple technologies, in a dynamic context with changing requirements and a supply chain across organisations, countries and cultures. This is why we need to better understand the complexity we are faced with and develop new approaches for the management of projects and programs in such a context. ICCPM and IPMA will jointly support individuals, projects and organisations in managing complex projects and programs.”

The National President of AIPM, Dr Steve Milner, is positive about the renewal. “The alliance will further benefit the project management profession as the three organisations, AIPM, IPMA and ICCPM, continue leading the way.”

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