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National Boards and AHPRA publish health profession agreements

The National Boards and AHPRA have published the Health Profession Agreements which outlines their partnership and the services AHPRA will provide to the National Boards in 2014/2015.

The National Boards and AHPRA work together to implement the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme, (National Scheme), which is the scheme regulating registered health practitioners in Australia, in the public interest.

The guiding principles of the National Law require the National Scheme to operate in a ‘transparent, accountable, efficient, effective and fair way’; and for registration fees to be reasonable ‘having regard to the efficient and effective operation of the scheme’.

One of the fundamental aspects of the National Scheme is that there is no cross-subsidization between professions. This means that the regulation of each profession is entirely paid for by that profession’s registration fees. 

AHPRA CEO, Martin Fletcher, said that it was important that the professions and the community know how registration fees are used in regulating the professions in the public interest.

‘We are accountable to both the professions and the community to ensure we provide as much information as possible about how registration fees are allocated to regulate the professions in Australia,’ Mr Fletcher said.

The National Boards and AHPRA are committed to working together to ensure not only transparency and accountability in financial reporting, but also in the role both play in protecting the public through the regulation of the professions.

‘AHPRA and the Boards work together to implement the National Scheme following the guiding principles set out in the National Law in order to protect the public,’ Mr Fletcher said.

The 2014/15 Health Profession Agreements are available at

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