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Optometrists Association Australia - Victoria is now Optometry Victoria

Optometrists Association Australia has changed its name to Optometry Australia therefore the State offices have also changed. This is a positive initiative to refocus the Association’s direction.

By using ‘optometry’ in our name, we are sending a clear signal that we are working on behalf of the sector. Members have told us that the best way to progress the interests of optometrists is to focus our resources and efforts on advancing the profession and we have listened and we are responding.

Our logo, which is consistently represented nationally, signifies a dynamic evolution of the former Optometrists Association logo. It is made up of two shapes that symbolise the vital inter-relationship between the organisation and our members and that come together to form an abstract eye.

We have also developed an aspiration statement to guide how we act, communicate and look. It articulates our identity, beliefs, mission and values and it will provide us with an excellent framework to set our plans and to measure our performance.

Over the past four months more than 260 members have played a key role in helping us understand what our future could look like and we are excited about the prospects that will unfold. Every State Division of the organisation has been involved in what is a truly collaborative project.

We don’t want to rush our change program and our goal is that by the time all Divisions come together in late November to develop Optometry Australia’s 2014-2018 strategic plan, our transformation will be embedded into all our activities.

As always, we look forward to working with you in partnership to advance, promote and strengthen the optometry sector and to put eye-health care front and centre of Australian healthcare.

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