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AACB weighs in on International Business Events study

The Association of Australian Convention Bureaux (AACB) has answered the Australian Government’s Productivity Commission's call for comment on Australia’s international tourism industry. The study was titled “Australia’s International Business Events Sector: The Economic and Strategic Value Proposition” and examined the benefits of international business events.

Deloitte Access Economics partnered with AACB in producing the study.

“AACB has been working hard to advocate for a strong international business events sector on behalf of the industry,” said AACB Executive Director Andrew Hibel. “While we represent 15 convention bureaux that promote their regions as premier business events destinations, their reach extends to more than 1600 operators across the business events spectrum. Therefore, it is critical that we take a clear, consistent and professional message to the Government.”

Aided by the Deloitte Report, the AACB used quantitative and qualitative data and focused particularly on trends and the role of the government.

These two topics were two of the Productivity Commission’s main considerations. The Productivity Commission plans to publish its international tourism paper early in 2015.

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