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Auto glass industry forms new association

The Australian auto glass industry has joined forces to launch Australia’s largest independent association for the industry, the Auto Glass Association (AGA).

National franchises and suppliers through to individual contractors will be represented by the new association, which will give all sides of the auto glass industry a unified voice and act as a central hub for communication and training.

Murray McGrath, AGA President, said, “The AGA takes its independence seriously. We represent all sides of the industry equally, the large and small players, and have set corporate interests aside to work together toward common goals of maintaining high standards and consumer safety.

“Our country’s automotive manufacturing industry is not what it once was,” Murray continues, “…making it all the more important to establish an industry body, devoid of corporate agenda, to protect the future of the auto glass sector in Australia and the safety of everyone on the road.”

Members will have an exclusive suite of materials and information at their disposal, with training programs, technical bulletins and standard updates keeping them abreast of industry developments. Drivers now have a reliable resource to turn to for information and advice about their car windows or windscreen, or to find a glass technician nearby who abides by a strict code of practice.

“Providing reliable, trustworthy and current information to car owners and industry members is one of the AGA’s most important mandates,” Murray said.

Aussie auto glass businesses interested in becoming an AGA member can visit the new website at

Founding members of the AGA include:

Alpha Bus Glass

Bostik Australia Ptd Ltd

BTB Auto Glass & Body Shop Tools

Club Assist

Glass Assist

Henkel Technologies (Teroson)

Instant Windscreens

National Auto Glass Supplies

O’Brien Glass Industries

Oz Auto Moulds And Rubbers

The National Windscreen Group


This press release was originally published on the AGA website.

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