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CEO of Small to Medium Associations Special Interest Group (Online)

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Date:Thursday, 16 February 2023
Time:12:00 pm - 1:30 pm (AEDT)

Whether called Executive Officer, General Manager or Chief Executive Officer, if your small or medium association’s Board has delegated management responsibility to you, this Special Interest Group (SIG) may interest you.

*This Special Interest Group is a member exclusive event. If you are not a member, join now.*

Join us to discuss the challenges and issues in leading small/medium associations, as we kick off 2023. Discussion points will include:

  • Making vision and goals clear for all and fostering a high performing team when fatigue, expectations on flexibility, recruitment challenges and "quiet quitting" is the current paradigm
  • New year, new Board Chair - managing new leadership relationships 
  • Reprioritizing some key areas of strategic and operational focus to effectively respond to the economic downturn and growing inflation.
  • CEOs self-evaluation and setting aside a percentage of time for learning and growth

This SIG will be facilitated by Andrew Gosbell, Associations Advisor, Associations Forum. 

Please note the time of the SIG is based on Sydney, NSW time (AEDT).

You must be a CEO of your association to attend this SIG.


Associations Forum runs a number of Special Interest Group (SIGs) covering Communications, Events, Membership and Finances.

It’s like a webinar, run via zoom – only more focused on group discussion.

Each SIG will focus on one topic and as a group, participants will discuss and compare different approaches and methods with other likeminded professionals.

We find our members benefit from the sharing of knowledge and our SIGs provide the ideal platform for this.

SIGs are free for all members of Associations Forum.

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