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Association finances - and how relevant is the role of Treasurer? (Webinar)

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Date:Tuesday, 4 August 2020
Time:12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Presenter:John Peacock, Chief Executive Officer, Associations Forum

Whilst all associations have been significantly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, most will survive due to financial reserves and not being in debt. However, hard decisions will need to be made in uncertain times. This 1-hour webinar will consider:

  • revenue reality: the importance of existing financial reserves and loss of event income from COVID-19
  • accounting fundamental: how well are they understood by Board and management?
  • financial management: who manages finances in volunteer or staffed associations - and should the traditional Treasurer role continue?
  • next steps: cutting back some areas and accelerating others - plus what prices you should charge

Registrations are free for not-for-profit organisations. 


John Peacock, Chief Executive Officer, Associations Forum John Peacock

John is one of Australia’s most experienced advisors to associations and charities and is a thought leader for the associations sector. He is a regular presenter, both nationally and internationally, on matters essential to the governance and operations of associations, charities and other mutual bodies.

Since 2000, John has trained and consulted to hundreds of associations and charities, large and small, on strategic planning, governance, Board effectiveness, operations, restructuring, financial issues and external reviews.

His particular areas of specialisation are mergers of associations and developing association plans that can be translated into actions, budgets and job descriptions.

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