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Constitution Reviews

The way an association or charity is incorporated, structured and governed can make a significant difference to its effectiveness and efficiency. Associations Forum reviews dozens of constitutions and governance arrangements every year.

We are able to give clear, practical advice on what may need to be reviewed or improved, including when to see a specialist consultant or lawyer. This service is provided free as part of Silver and Gold membership. 

To find out more information, please contact Kathy Nguyen on 02 9904 8200 or

Towards better association constitutions

What our members say about our constitution review letters:

"Associations Forum assisted the Board of the History Teachers' Association of Victoria to update its Constitution. AF's knowledge of the obligations of Directors under the Corporations Act, and modern practice in corporate governance, was such a valuable resource in this process. The final product is streamlined and clear, but still ensures the members control the direction of the Association. AF were quick to respond to follow-up questions, and provided authoritative advice."
Executive Officer, Professional Association

"We sought to update the Constitution as part of an on-going process to ensure our Association was responsive to the needs of our members and represented the most efficient framework for the management of the Association possible. We sought to clarify the rights of members as well as ensure that the guiding documents of our Association were up to date, representing the current legal requirements. Associations Forum was instrumental in this review process. Their dedicated staff and expert knowledge as to the legal framework for such documents and care for our particular needs was impressive, and it was very easy to liaise and communicate with their staff. The final review report was well presented, appropriate to our stated aims and offered excellent advice as to how we could modernise. We would be very happy to work with the Associations Forum in the future."
Chair, Professional Association

"Thank you Kathy for the review of the Constitution and the comments you have provided. I appreciate the time you have given this and I have found your suggestions enlightening and interesting. I’ve run the report past our President and she has suggested we present your findings to our Executive Committee which we will do. 
- Business Manager, Professional Association

“The Board was very pleased with the work undertaken by Associations Forum. The whole process occurred in an extremely professional and effective manner. We felt very supported throughout. Kathy and John were very reponsive to our questions and were happy to speak to our members out of business hours via teleconferencing. The new constitution was not only endorsed unanimously at our AGM but loudly applauded!”
President, Professional Association

"Thank you for the feedback it is very helpful and hits the mark with many of the issues we struggled with during our discussions and redraft."
- CEO, Industry Association

"Just letting you know that the Constitution Committee found your letter very useful. We made a list of what we want to change and will commence redrafting at our end."
EO, Professional Association

"Thank you for your time and valuable comments on our draft Constitution. It is greatly appreciated. The points you raise will certainly help us to clarify our Constitution."
Constitution Committee Member, Professional Association

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